Bonjour Vieille Branche!

I’m a local painter and I’d love to be involved in your June marketdays.

Why pick me?

I paint landscape in a ‘contemporary impressionist’ kind of way.

And just like old wares, handcrafted goods or a good piece of furniture, landscape paintings have a timeless quality that makes them forever relevant and beautiful.

The Vieille Branche market is always a beautifully curated collection of new and old with an artisan edge so I think my work could be a nice fit.

A whole stall or a sprinkling throughout?

I’d love to be involved in any way I can and I’d be thrilled with either a whole stall or just to have paintings hung or leaned on walls throughout to enhance what’s already there.

Please have a look around

I do hope you like my work and also that some of it could find its way into the June marketdays!