Yes, I do take on commissions (with a few criteria…)

  1. I need to be able to find inspiration in your idea or subject so I can relate and feel like I have a chance of painting it well;
  2. I like to be sure you’ve seen my work in real life (so you know what to expect); and
  3. I need decent images to work from and / or the ability to get my own.

The timeframe for the work will vary on the size and how busy I am but I’ll always endeavour to estimate this when you first enquire. At a minimum, you can allow 3-4 weeks to do the work, another 4 weeks for it to dry, a week to frame it and a week to ship it (unless you’re in a very regional location in which case it might take longer). So approximately 10 weeks all up is a good guide.

Pricing is based on my standard pricelist (linked here).

A 50% deposit is payable on commencement with the remaining 50% payable on completion prior to shipping.

I work primarily wet-on-wet, meaning that I don’t tend to go back into works and do more on them. Rather, I start again. If you’re not happy with my first version, I’m prepared to have another shot at it for you.

Please email me with any enquiries or requests – leisl(at)